Which structure must have IDEA plugin to be successfully uploaded?


Obeying to the manual, I tried to publish my first plugin manually.

Note that you need to upload the plugin to the repository at least once manually (to specify options like the license, repository URL etc.) before uploads through Gradle can be used.

Publishing DSL

But which directories must include the uploadable ZIP-file?

If to pack the whole project, the validator will say:

Plugin root directory must not contain multiple files: .github, .gitignore, .gradle, .idea, .run, CHANGELOG.md, README.md, build, build.gradle.kts, detekt-config.yml, gradle, gradle.properties, gradlew, gradlew.bat, settings.gradle.kts, src


There is no "build" directory in above message. But if to try to pack just "build" repository and upload it, the validator will tell:

Plugin descriptor 'plugin.xml' is not found


If to add the "plugin.xml" to the zip archive, it will be the message:

Plugin root directory must not contain multiple files: build, plugin.xml


Sorry this got lost. Please use "buildPlugin" target from Gradle to create distribution https://plugins.jetbrains.com/docs/intellij/deployment.html#building-distribution


Thank you for the help!

I successfully published the plugin.


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