Can't debug if using "Before Launch"

My project uses PySide2, so I have some source files that are generated from QT's *.ui and *.qrc files. I have a python script which does these code generation tasks. My main target calls this "BuildQT" script via "Before launch -> Run Another configuration." This works great for Running the main target; the files are generated and then the application runs.

But if I try to debug the main target, the debugger attaches to the script in "Before launch" and then terminates. It never launches the main target.

Debugger works fine if I don't define anything in "Before Launch". Is this an expected behavior? I'd expect it to either skip debugging on the other targets (they can be debugged individually) or I'd expect it to step through and debug each consecutively rather than just debugging the first "Before launch" task and then exiting, but the documentation didn't seem to have specifics.

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