CLion chooses system includes over local includes

I have a project, let's call it XXX, where I am installing the headers to /usr/local/include. My problem is, CLion's code jumping jumps to those installed headers instead of the ones in my project folder.


The structure is as follows:







After I run make install, I have the include/XXX folder copied to /usr/local/include. In the 2019 version of CLion, the switching between header and source button would find the one in my project directory. Now, it finds the installed one in /usr/local/include, which is not what I want, because I can't modify it directly, nor would I want to.


I have tried adding the directory to my CMAKE_IGNOGRE_PATH like so:

set(CMAKE_IGNORE_PATH "usr/local/include/XXX")

but that didn't work. Is there an option to ignore system directories inside the CLion code navigator?

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Any updates on this?

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I'm on CLion 2021.2.3 and have the same issue. I'm using a catkin/ros setup and my CMakeLists.txt installs to to my catkin ws. After building clion indexes those headers and not the ones im actually developing with (the ones under vcs)

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Same problem here. I am working on the source code of an already installed library, and when I want to go to the definition of a function, CLions chooses the installed header instead of the one in the source code I am working on.

The version I am currently using: Build #CL-213.6461.75, built on December 28, 2021


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