Auto insert space between brackets

Hi there! Is there any option to automatically insert space when I open any brackets?

For example:
When I press a backspace key, I want to add two spaces and set my caret between them. Like this:
{ | }

Maybe there is a plugin that can help with this or something else? I just really got used to it in VSCode and don't know how to live without this feature. I know, that I can configure the settings and get that result after reformatting code, but what I want is to get that functionality on the fly.


You can create a live template like

then {+Tab would give the desired result... But you will have to disable auto-adding pair braces in this case


To be honest, I don't think this is a case :( Maybe there is a plugin that can help with that, like it does in VSCode, but I don't know...


No, i'm not aware of any; please feel free to file a request for adding this feature to youtrack,


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