Changing the font size for this particular popup (MacOS Big Sur)


Greetings, apologies if this should be obvious to me. I am used to running Goland on Windows, so this might sound even greener than normal. On Windows anyway, I'm used to being able to hitting the control key along with clicking on a symbol and navigating to the definition of that symbol.

On my Mac, I'm trying to hit the command + mousing over a symbol. When I do that, I get a popup tool window (not a navigation). I have two questions:

1.  How do you change the font-size on whatever that popup window is?  It comes up pretty large.

2.  What command is command + hoverup over a symbol mapped to in Goland for the Mac?  I still would like to navigate to the definition of the symbol under a symbol upon clicking.

Thanks in advance



Go to Declaration or Usages action has the same shortcut (Command+Click/Command+B) on macOS as well.

You will see a pop-up in the case if there is more than one usage of your symbol. The pop-up inherits font size from your UI settings: Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance.

You can explore all available navigation shortcuts by right-clicking on the method and select Go To entry.

I hope it helps.


Spasibo Daniil, this does indeed help a lot. There's another window that pops up when you command hover over code, it's got like a light-gray background with black text. That is the window where the text is massive. Here it is in action:


Could you please upload the IDE logs to and provide its ID? Thank you.


Upload ID: 2021_07_30_HTQ5rpDUvMBE28XR


Please, try to do the following:

  • Navigate to /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/GoLand2021.1/options.
  • Upload dimensions.xml file to and provide its ID.
  • Close the IDE.
  • Backup and delete dimensions.xml file.
  • Open the IDE again.

Do you have any 3rd-party plugins installed (Preferences | Plugins | Gear Icon | Disable All Downloaded Plugins)?


dimensions.xml does not exist in any of the JetBrains subdirectories.

In between my last message and reading this one, I upgraded to GoLand2021.2 and see the same behaviour there as well. Here is the ID of the log of 2021.2, showing identical behaviour, with downloaded plugins disabled:



Could you please reset the IDE settings to default (File | Manage IDE Settings | Restore Default Settings)? You can restore them from backup if it doesn't help.


No change in behaviour.


Please, share a full screenshot of your IDE instance to understand better what might be a reason. Thank you.

As another idea, you can focus on this pop-up and try to execute Help | Find Action | Reset Font Size action.


Upload id: 2021_08_03_VLxvLjLFZ2wU1jaE

Here's how to reproduce:

1. Place the cursor over a go comment

2. Hit the command key.

3. That popup will remain displayed, in huge text, even when you hover over text you're actually interested in


Could you please disable Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance | Show code lens on scrollbar hover?


That did not solve the issue (though it sounded promising).


Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue locally with the same steps. Are you using an external monitor?

Also, please, let's try the following:

Does it happen on all projects or a particular one?


1. Yes, I'm using an external monitor, though it does not matter whether Goland is running on the primary or secondary monitor

2. Here's the upload ID: 2021_08_05_RnJphtgPysXkiakd

3. It happens in multiple projects.


Could you please confirm that the issue reproduces without an external monitor? You can unplug it and restart GoLand. What are your settings under macOS Preferences | Displays | Display?


Young Skywalker, thank you for your patience and your attempt to help. I discovered where it is coming from. It is coming from System Preferences, Accessibility, Enable Hover Text. Needless to say, I disabled that. Thanks again for your help.


Thanks for the update. Good to know that you found the reasons. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


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