Array elements alignment

I just upgrade to PhpStorm 2021.2, and "Align key-value pairs" stop working inside class methods:

In variable assigment this options works!

In previous PhpStorm this option format array as expected:

What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance


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Hm, I was not able to reproduce it on my PhpStorm 2021.2 installation. Could you please share your code style settings (Scheme > Export > XML) and a simple code sample?

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Thanks for sharing the files, I was able to reproduce the issue now.
Sounds weird and inexplainable but looks like, "Wrapping and braces > Function/constructor call arguments > New line after '(' " option is the one to blame here. Could you please try to disable it and check if it helps on your real codebase?

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Hi, thanks for reply.

Looks like it worked.
I will test more


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