Optimize imports on explicit save


I would like the IDE to optimize imports only on explicit save, is that possible?

Screenshot: https://scr.prestalife.net/sc9b9n1

I couldn't change it since it's disabled for some reason

The issue I encountered with this, is that sometimes I copy an import from outside the IDE, then leave the IDE again to copy the usage. But when I leave the IDE, the file is saved and the import is removed because it's unused.

Thank you

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Unfortunately, you cannot change the "Activated on" field value as this is not an action menu, it is just an information label that shows you when exactly the action should be triggered (though it looks like a confusing UI imperfection to me).

Nonetheless, it sounds like a nice feature request and you are welcome to submit one on the public tracker:


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Thank you for your response

I will submit a request on the tracker

Kind regards


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