Can no longer view git pull requests. VSC menu gone. Other git functions work fine. Have all required plugins


I'm running 2021.2 Ultimate on linux.


Not sure what happened, but there is no way (AFAICT) to view pull requests ay more. Even hitting ctrl+shift+a and typing "pull request" bring up nothing. Also, there is no VSC menu option anymore. Although there is one that says "git", so dunno if that changed recently to not.


All the other git functions work. I can pull/push from the repro... etc... I'm pretty sure I have all the correct plugins installed, including the VSC, and github. My github account is setup correctly (or else I couldn't pull, right?)

Just that ability to view pull requests has disappeared. I used to use this feature all the time.

Any ideas on where this went, or has this feature been removed?


Hello Jonathan Ross

Could you please check whether GitHub plugin is enabled under Preferences | Plugins -> Installed tab?

Do I understand correctly that you do have account listed under Preferences | Version Control | GitHub?


The plugin is installed, and the account is set up under Preferences | Version Control | Github.


I assume it works because I can pull/fetch via Ctrl-T just fine.



Jonathan Ross is there a chance that you have custom SSH URL specified under Git  | Manage remotes?


Yes, I have multiple GitHub accounts, and each requires its own unique SSH key. I followed this procedure from GitHub to set it up

Which works fine from the cmd line. It does mean altering the origin URL to append a `-XXXXX` to the hostname so ssh will send the right key. So my origin is altered.


Thank you for clarification.

It's a known issue, please feel free to vote for a ticket and follow the instruction listed in the comments:


Thanks. That workaround in the ticket works great, and it works on the command line as well.

I upvoted the ticket anyway :)


Thanks for your help.


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