Which file is the poetry executable file?

I am trying to run code in pycharm using poetry. I have run "poetry install" and "poetry shell" in the terminal. I have also downloaded the pycharm poetry extension from the marketplace. I followed the help guide to set up a poetry environment in pycharm, but I do not know what to select for "executable file". On the help guide it seems like it is automatically chosen, but it is not for me. I assume that this "executable file" will be in the same directory as the one that I get from typing "where python" in the terminal after loading poetry, but there are many files in this directory and I do not know which one to select. I am attaching a picture to show what I mean:

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Hi, you should be able to see the path to poetry executable by running `which poetry`. Do you have it?

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Here is the path to poetry:

$ which poetry
$ where poetry

Note that it is different than my path to python (what I get when I type "which python" after typing "poetry install" and "poetry shell"):

$ which python

Am I supposed to choose the path to poetry instead of the path to python? Also, does the path to the executable include the .exe or not? What exactly should I choose for my executable file?

I am on Windows by the way.

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You should choose the path to poetry.exe

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Thanks this works!


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