Use OS windows for modal dialogues

How does one configure PhpStorm to use standard OS windows for modal dialogues such as the Find In Files (Ctrl-Shift-F) and Open File (Ctrl-Shift-N) dialogues?

I often want to manipulate or tab away from these dialogues (keyboard user, no mouse) but that is impossible with these application-specific dialogues that do not implement accessibility shortcuts, or do not share that same shortcuts as the OS (which I do configure).

I use KDE on Kubuntu Linux, both of which as currently up to date. I am not interested in workarounds for the specific dialogues mentioned here, rather the general case. PhpStorm has many other modal dialogues that I have not mentioned that I use as well.


As far as I am aware, there is no such option (apart from the ide.perProjectModality registry key).

Some related tickets:



Thank you. IDEABKL-2896 is very relevant and I just commented there.


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