Managing a project using GitHub.

Using 2021.2.

I've tried following the documentation, but it's quite simply a mess now.  I want to put my project in to which I am a member.  But now I find both of my attempts at this have created repositories in my github account:


Both of these are essentially the same project and will now have to remove them.

I can see I am supposed to create a proxy "remote", but I can't do that:


Pycharm is connected to my account "pmasonBWC" which is a member of the WMRGL organisation.  So how is this supposed to work?

Thanks, Paul








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Answered it myself, by accident.  Just to see if it might work, I created the repository manually and pasted the URL into the "remote" URL and that worked.  Not only did it work in itself i.e. it created a "remote", but it also created the link to GitHub.  I was nae expecting that!

This functionality feels like an afterthought.  The documentation is literally non-existent; there is no documentation explaining what a "remote" is and how is behaves. If someone thinks this is self explanatory, I can assure you it is not....well, not to a normal person.  Perhaps I'm not enough of a nerd.

The concept is slightly surreal.  Why not allow us to specify the URL (my GitHub repository or any to which I am a member) when sharing and let GitHub do the authentication using the account credited in the settings (?)


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