How do you reference JavaScript in latest gradle-intellij-plugin template?


I used github templating of gradle-intellij-plugin to create a new plugin that uses kotlin instead of groovy for gradle.

My. plugin needs the JavaScript plugin (to be used in IntelliJ Ultimate or WebStorm) and so I've set

platformType = IU


platformType = IC

and then to reference the plugin I've tried:

platformPlugins = JavaScriptLanguage

platformPlugins = JavaScript

platformPlugins = com.jetbrains.intellij.javascript

and probably a few others and absolutely nothing works. No matter what I try, basically this is the error:

Cannot find builtin plugin JavaScriptLanguage for IDE: /Users/mark/.gradle/caches/modules-2/files-2.1/com.jetbrains.intellij.idea/ideaIU/2021.2/31f9496f635cec87427837101e04cbcddfb544d7/ideaIU-2021.2

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Yann Cebron is this the same as or different?  That seems to be resolved so I'm guessing it isn't the same issue, unless it is resolved but not actually in 2021.2 

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I have the same problem in IDEA Ultimate Edition 2021.2

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Could you please share your Gradle build file/your project repo?

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solved by upgrading to gradle-intellij plugin 1.1.4


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