^J Character at the beginning of each line


I just installed PyCharm Community 2021.2 for WIndows and I created a test python file that just has the contents:


print('Hello World')

I then uploaded my file to my AIX server which has Python 3.7.10 installed. When I run the python script I get an error and the output shows there being ^J in from of each new line. 

I've gone into the PyCharm settings and set the Line Separator to Unix and MacOS. However that only got rid of my first problem which was removing the ^M at the end of each line.

Can anybody point me in the right direction to removing ^J from the beginning of each new line?




Hi, as far as I know PyCharm doesn't add anything to the beginning of the line.

Could you please provide the affected file? I'd like to check it first, before I could say anything concrete.

You can use uploading service at https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ , and provide upload ID in your reply.



I figured out the issue. It was a dummy mistake on my part.


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