PhpStorm reduces the files list to "Open Files" by clicking on "Select Opened File"


One of the many cool small convenience features of PhpStorm is the "Select Opened File" button. When clicked, the currently opened file gets selected in the files list in the left sidebar. I'm using PhpStorm `v2021.1.3` on Windows and `v2021.1.4` on Mac. The first one behaves as expected: By clicking the "Select Opened File" button, the active file gets selected in the files list AND the type of the files list (usually it's "Project Files") doesn't change:

But a click on the same button in my PhpStorm `v2021.1.4` on Mac leads to a switch of the files list type to "Open Files":

(It's a Windows screenshot as well, but it shows the actual behavior on Mac.)

I'm not sure, whether this behavior is specific for Mac or just came with the PhpStorm `v2021.1.4`. I also have no idea, whether it's a bug or a feature. Anyway it's extremely inconvenient!

Is there a way to configure that and to prevent the switching to the "Open Files" view by clicking on "Select Opened File" icon?



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Just updated PhpStorm on Mac to the `v2021.2` -- and the annoying is gone! CLOSED


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