How to find conflicting OS shortcut


In IntelliJ, I'm seeing warnings about a couple of shortcuts that conflict with OS shortcuts:

I'm not sure how to figure out what the corresponding Mac OS system shortcut does - it's not showing up anywhere I can see in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, for example.  Any suggestions?


Hi Yaroslav,

I'm not actually sure that covers it - would this take me to a very specific place where I could see/change the conflict, or just always to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts?

Thanks to the issue you linked, I have discovered that edit panel shows the 2 conflicts in my case: "Select Previous Tab Window" and "Select Next Tab Window".  But I can't figure out where those two things are actually set in the OS.



It's planned that this feature will show exact place with conflicting shortcut.


Any update on this? We're "in the future" now, yet still seeing this same exact warning


Same here, I'd like to remove the "Select Next Tab Window" but I don't see it in the macOS shortcut settings


Ernest Surys Currently, IDEA doesn't take you directly to conflicting system shortcuts, nor does it inform you about the conflicts properly.

In order for these things to be addressed and to make managing shortcuts in the IDE easier, please vote for IDEA-224457 and IDEA-246272.


I did some digging through all macOS keybinding plists and found that macos no longer lets users change/disable this keybinding -- nor would they really want to (as it now seems to be a universally agreed on keybinding).

It is used across all native applications that use tabs (e.g. Finder, xcode, pages, numbers, etc) as well as broswers (native Safari, Chrome, etc). So it seems cmd+shift+[ and cmd+shift+] are bound to next tab, previous tab across the whole system.

It probably makes sense to simply omit the warning when cmd+shift+[ and cmd+shift+] or the equivalent cmd+{ and cmd+} are bound to next-tab and previous-tab, respectively. 


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