How to find which library is using some particular dependency?


I see that in the version 2021.2 there is some improvement in terms of dependency management (Gradle/maven), however I am still not able to achieve one basic thing, which I am missing in IntelliJ for ages - if for example sonarqube complains about some library having vulnerabilities, how can I check which gradle/maven dependency is using this library?

In maven I would do mvn dependency:tree , however I would like to have something which can IDE provide. Thank you.

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In Dependencies diagram you can use Ctrl(Cmd)+F to search for a library by name:

and F4 to navigate to the declaration of this dependency in pom.xml file.

We are currently working on a better dependencies introspection for Maven and Gradle project, so hope that it will become a lot easier to do something line this soon.

You can also try Maven helper plugin


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