Single line Connection Refused Error when attempting to execute anything

I'm trying to run some SQL code for my uni at the moment (we're using MySql), but whenever I try to run anything I get a single line error reading:
[2021-08-17 11:26:19] Connection refused (Connection refused).

I'm running an m1 MacBook pro. Any ideas? I've tried to look at debugging stuff, but this is my first attempt at databases, and everything is just jibberish to me, so any help would be appreciated.


have you created a data source and was the connection successful? if so, do you see database objects in database explorer window? How do you run the code - in query console or is it injection in some other language code?


I get this error when i test the connection. Running on an m1 macbook pro if that means anything?


do you run IDE build for M1?

what is target MySQL server version? where does it located - somewhere in cloud like Amazon or in your company private network?


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