Project Errors tab on Problems dialog - how is it meant to be used.

I am very confused by the Projects errors tab on the Problems window.

While the tab that code analysis is displayed din locks the right pane as read only, the Project error screen allows you to use the right pane to fix errors.


every time I fix something, the Project Erros screen seems to go into a recalculation mode??? What is it doing?


also, what goes in the Project errors tab versus the analysis tab? Sometimes the Project errors is empty while the analysis tab has lots of errors identified.


I am doing a lot of refactoring and would really like to understand how to use these tabs efficiantly


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This page only shows compiler errors reported by the built-in Typescript compiler service; this window is not supposed to show inspections results like the Inspect Code... action but, unlike it, it's updated on-the-fly so it refreshes itself while you are fixing errors, etc.


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