WebStorm (on Fedora through Flatpak) does not find node, node interpreter cannot be set

I use Fedora 34 and I have installed WebStorm through Flatpak.

WebStorm does not find node, which is in the file system.

Also, I have problem with Quokka plugin, it does not find node, too, although I specified the location of node on its config.json file.

  • Firstly, WebStorm has full access to filesystem,
  • node is located in /usr/bin folder,
  • as you can see on screenshoots, WebStorm does not find node when I look for node

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Flatpak works as a sandbox environment - each pack has its own runtime environment and because of security reasons, flatpak apps do not have direct access to host files. There could be a lot of problems due to this.
Please try reinstalling the IDE using one of the recommended options https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/installation-guide.html and let me know if the problem remains.

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I have installed WebStorm through the link. It's ok now. I will inform Flatpak about the issue. Thank you.


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