Issues Migrating to IntelliJ Latest Versions With JAVA 11


Hi Team,

Currently I am trying upgrade our plugin to support IntelliJ Idea latest versions and currently we verified it up to v2020.2. While doing the upgrade we run into some incompatible issues which related to Java version. I found the following question when I searched using the error.

And also I went trough the following blog as well.

First I need clarify the following, 

  •  Do we need to use Java 11 as OS default JDK in order to build the plugin for IntelliJ versions from v2020.3 onwards?

Then the big issue: We use JavaFX to render some HTML content using our plugin. Since Java 11 does not have the built it support for JavaFX we are unable to build our plugin. Also we implemented the same functionality using JCEF and it works fine. But the issue is we cannot use JavaFX for latest versions of IntelliJ and JCEF is only available from IntelliJ v2020.2 onwards. But we need to support latest versions of IntelliJ as well as older versions. This leads to the following questions.

  • Is there a way that we can use JavaFX related codes with latest IntelliJ versions?
  • If not is it possible to support JCEF for older versions of IntelliJ?

This feature is a key feature in our plugin and we need to support however possible. Appreciate any solution regarding this issue.



Hi Yann Cebron

Thanks for the reply. I went trough the links you have shared and I have clarification regarding the following.

Please add this plugin as a direct dependency of your plugin to make sure it is downloaded automatically when users install your plugin.

To do so, add "<depends>com.intellij.javafx</depends>" to the plugin.xml file of your plugin.

I have a gradle project and how can I can I add this JavaFX runtime library as a direct dependency into my project. Because adding ` <depends>com.intellij.javafx</depends>` wont download the dependency right?


You'll need to add it to Gradle setup as well, e.g. "com.intellij.javafx:1.0.3"


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