Table -> SELECT TOP 1000 ROWS


I request this feature for 3-4 years on your marketing stand at any Russian conference without any results

Many people comes from SQL Server, where they can click on the table and generate full SQL for specific table;

This open new Console with prefilled SQL

SELECT TOP 1000 Id, Name, ....
FROM HumarnResources.Employees;

Any database IDE has this feature, but DataGrip - isn't; Why?

Guys at the marketing stand, trying to sold you query string, where you can enter some WHERE clause, but it is now what we need.

With DataGrip I HATE to TYPE SQL for Every Table! None of other helpers can't help with this function. It must be simple - click - generate without any manual typings.

My collegues wait to see this feature too, please, add it!


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this is already implemented: 

also please read this post to get more details.



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