Issue with Unit of measure px is redundent

I've picked up a project with a lot of legacy CSS etc. in it. The code inspection keeps nagging about Unit of measure px is redundant. 

Doing a find / replace for <space>0px; worked well for half the nags. 

That left instances like padding:  10px 0px 10px 12px;

A find and replace on <space>0px<space>    replaced with <space>0<space>

replaced most of those issues but for some reason the find and replace  then removed the spaces in between the other values. So the above example ended up as padding:  10px 010px 12px;

Why is it reformatting values when the replace explicitly kept the spaces? 


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Doesn't happen to me, replacing works as expected

Please record a screencast that shows what's happening

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It looks like an issue where the css has no commas between parameters. It is producing an error which is still not resolved by addding commas as rgb inspection doesnt allow 4 paramters. see my next ticket.



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