Pylint Plugin: Failure: executable "/usr/bin/pylint" not found



I am experiencing issues to make Pylint work with PyCharm.

When I start a Pylint check on the current file, I got the following error message : "Pylint Plugin: Failure: executable "/usr/bin/pylint" not found"

I checked where Pylint is installed :

$ which pylint

When I run Pylint in command line in a terminal, it works great.

When I go to the plugin settings, Path to Pylint executable displays Auto-detected: /usr/bin/pylint

When I click on the button test, I got an error notification telling me that the executable /usr/bin/pylint is not found.

When I force Path to Pylint executable to /usr/bin/pylint I have the same issue.

For information, my project interpreter is /usr/bin/python3.6 and I am not using any venv.

At this point I don't really how to fix this!

Thanks for your help!


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This plugin is not developed by JetBrains so it's better to report it to the plugin's issue tracker


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