Where do you set the address for a git repository in Intellij 2019


I get a repository not found because I changed what it pointed my project to at some point, I guess.

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Check this settings page:

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It has an entry that points to my project folder, but I don't think that is where I need to make the change.  I did find a file called "Config" in the ".git" folder in my project folder, though, which had an "origin" url defined in it.  I made the modification there and it fixed it.

Here's an example of the line:

[remote "origin"]
     url = https://github.com/myGitHubName/myProjectName/
     fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

I had to modify this line:   https://github.com/myGitHubName/myProjectName/

Thank you.




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