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I'm trying to figure out how to rename the editor tabs in DataGrip to be more accurate. I could not find a way to do it and cannot imagine that DataGrip does not offer such an important feature. I am probably missing it somewhere.

Here's a screenshot of my databases on Datagrip vs Dbeaver.

What I am trying to change is the name of the editor tab as soon as I open the query console. At the moment it looks like this in DataGrip vs in Dbeaver.

I would like to be able to always exactly know on which Database I am, an Dbeaver offers that under the Script preferences as Script Title Pattern. There you're able to define yourself what your script tabs should look like.


<${connectionName}>${database}@${schema}: ${fileName}


Thank you

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here is feature request, please follow and vote to get noticed on any updates.


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