What does “Reload all from disc" do?


I've misclicked on this many times while trying to save.

The literal interpretation of the function name sounds like that it will undo any changes I've made to the code after the last save, and google tells me that apparently, it's supposed to give me a popup window to confirm what I just clicked was intentional. But I have never received such a warning. I couldn't detect any changes made to the code either. It almost looks like it did nothing at all.

So I don't know what it does. What does it do actually? And is it safe to have it placed right under the save button? ("safe", as in, won't cause any issues in case of misclicks)



It synchronizes the project files with what is stored on the hard drive. In case there is a difference between the file on the disk and the file in your project (when you change it, for example), the popup you mentioned should appear allowing you to choose which version to keep.

PyCharm has the autosaving functionality so most likely your files were already saved when you clicked "Reload All from Disk" and that's why there was no popup.

It shouldn't cause any problems, but you could still consider using the shortcut for saving the changes instead of invoking it from the menu. It saves time and removes the possibility to accidentally click the wrong option.


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