Find file name shows vendor files first

Searching for file names shows non-repo files first, or mixes them in with repo (committed) files; sensible behavior would be to show repo files first, then non-committed files (like `vendor`).

The yellow-highlighted files are non-repo, the white ones are repo.

I realize that I can filter, but there's no sort option, and random sorting of course is not sensible. 

Also, initially it only showed vendor files until I clicked to show more.

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The platform devs' position on this topic is that if your search is configured to include libraries, there's no reason to prefer project files over libraries. I am not sure I agree with that fully, but it is what it is.

Is there a reason your scope switcher is in the Project and Libraries position? Why not Project Files?

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By "prefer" are they referring to sorting? I mean, an option to sort by library files first then project files, or vice-versa, seems like an easy thing to implement; then they wouldn't have to worry about anyone's preference, because we can choose.

Do you know why there's no sorting option in search results?

I noticed that I can limit the scope to Project Files, but not to just Library Files... which is another odd missing feature.

Do you know why the developers chose to not have Library Files be selectable when they have a Project and Libraries option?


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