phpStorm e letter keeps showing up

I had this problem many times and i can't solve it till i restart my pc. App restart does not help as well.

When i'm working suddenly when i try to click any where in the editor the letter e keeps showing on.

Even when i try to restart i see a letter e on the corner of the editor window.

I can't really understand what is this problem exactly and how to avoid it in the future.

I use phpStorm Version 2021.2.1 and ubuntu 20.04


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What language layout are installed in your system? Are you using any software that could produce such side effects? Does it happen only with letter e? 

Is it being typed into editor as well? Sorry, I don't understand what exactly illustrates the left side of the screenshot.

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It is German Language, I use only basic Software (enpass, telegram, Brave and chrome browsers) not more. 

Is is been typed only in the phpStorm not in any other editor. And the letter e  left side of the screenshot was showing PhpStorm window also showing that e letter. And yeah it happen only with the letter e.

Thanks for your response.

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Could you please run Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and upload resulting archive somewhere we can access it? You can use for this.


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