Is Pycharm completely broken ?


I am a year long user of pycharm, and initially, I really enjoyed this IDE.

Now, it seems to me completely broken in its basic functions.

Long terms bugs never fixed (when are you going to fix pylint detection seriously ? When will I cease to have duplication warning because of my virtual environment ?), to now the pylint tab reporting no issue (when they are), project incorrectly parsed (linting is there, completion is not, error are not, I have zero imports but pycharm says nothing)

The IDE seems to be poorly tested, abandoned, with no plan to make it better.
Is this me ? Is really different ? Or should I quit pycharm and no longer advocate for it ?


Reverted to 2020.3, intellisense and package import errors are back.

So what the truth of the matter here, are managers putting so much pressure for release that you basically have zero unit tests for your products ? Or is pycharm going to be discontinued and no care is put into it anymore ?


I'm sorry that you ran into those problems.

Please report it to our issue tracker and attach your idea.log file from Help | Show Log in... after reproducing the problem in 2021.2.1. You can have both versions installed at the same time so you don't need to uninstall the current one.

The issues with pylint plugin should be reported to its maintainer as it's not developed by JetBrains.


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