Git autocommit on Webstorm session events

here's what I have in mind in the form of commit messages:

#autocommit - Webstorm opened 

#autocommit - Webstorm closed 

#autocommit - First commit of Do., Sept. 2, 2021

#autocommit - Last commit of Do., Sept. 2, 2021

#autocommit - keyboardShortcutName - shortcut sequence: cmd+...


including meta information like:

 - time passed since otherAutoCommitOfTheSameKind

        - files that have been changed during that time

        - commits that happened during that time


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Feel free to file a request for this feature to youtrack,

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Yes; I've updated the ticket project and type - version control integration is a platform feature, the host project for it is 'IDEA'


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