PHP Class properties not recognized

As of newest PhpSorm update 2021.2, class properties with phpdoc @property comments are not recognized. Usually class properties are colored in different color.

Maybe it is because now IDE thinks it is two different properties?


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Hi there,

PHPDoc's @property tag is meant for magic (not real / dynamic) fields only (that are getting accessed via __get() / __set() methods)

If you need to typehint your $bar real property then do it using appropriate @var tag:

/** @var string My cool bar property */
public $bar;

P.S. Yes, it's a fix since 2021.2 version.

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So it seems, that I used @property tag incorrectly. It was handy that IDE changed attribute name color and was really easy to spot incorrect attribute names.

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The IDE already tells you about wrong / non-existing properties:


* @property string $meow
class Foo4 {
public string $bark;

$a = new Foo4();
$a->bark = 'yes';
$a->meow = 'nope';
$a->oink = 4;

It will highlight such place with the notice (see the screenshot below).

You can increase the visibility by changing the severity of that inspection to a more noticeable warning (or even an error) level if needed. The style / how noticeable it is depends on your Color Scheme / Theme used.


BTW: If will be accepted then PHP 8.2+ will throw warnings during runtime on such dynamic property access (without __get/__set in place).

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Thanks, I will change inspection severity to error.


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