Autocomplete stopped working within parens of Gtest assert functions


Hi. When I'm inside the parens of gtest EXPECT functions, autocomplete doesn't work now. it starts to chug then resolves to globals.  But when I've typed the name manually, I can then use "jump to" function and it works. Compile and running tests works. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for any help.

TEST(Parser_tests, Parser_init) {
int variable = 1;
EXPECT_TRUE(vari) // no autocomplete in these parens, but everywhere else works
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I have started to experience the exact same problem. I use the latest CLion, and this problem popped up with 2021.2 or 2021.2.1

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It's, sorry for the inconvenience. The fix will be included into CLion 2021.2.2 and CLion 2021.3 EAP.


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