PHPStorm window.showOpenFilePicker() unresolved function

I am working on a very basic website to upload JSON files, edit them and then download them. I followed this description:

Sadly, I get the problem "Unresolved function or method showOpenFilePicker()" (as you can see in the screenshot). I am quite a beginner with javascript, but I do understand that it doesn't find the method.

But the "window. object" should have this method available? I am truly confused. Do I need to install some other module?

Thank you very much for the help! If you need any further info, I'll gladly add them.

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library definitions the IDE uses for WEB API types resolving are provided by Microsoft ( repository); PhpStorm doesn't have its own library definitions. And the property 'showOpenFilePicker' does not exist on type Window in

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Ok, thank you for explaining that!

So how can I still include this method in my program? Import the file system API somehow?

What else would be the proposed way of opening a JSON file? 


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