How Can I find KtClass at project scope by providing class's qualified name?


I am seeking for a best way to find a KtClass by class (written by Kotlin) qualified name.

I have tried these code, but it same like not work in my expect. 

fun String.findKtClass(project: Project): KtClass? {
// `this` is class qualified name
// like com.example.config.Config
val facade = JavaPsiFacade.getInstance(project)
val scope = GlobalSearchScope.allScope(project)
val psiClass = facade.findClass(this, scope)
return psiClass as? KtClass

When calling the code, I find that facade.findClass() return a KtUltraLightClass, Not KtClass

Is there any best way to find a class written by Kotlin in project scope? Thank you!


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Sorry for not describe the problem clearly:


For this data class:

data class Test(
    val stringValue: String = "",
    val someClass: SomeClass = SomeClass(),
    val collectionValue: List<Long> = listOf(),
): AbstractBehavior(), IConfig

How can I get the type canonicalName of KtParameter, which is declared in primary constructor?

And How can I get all super types (in this case it is AbstractBehavior and IConfigcorresponding KtClass?

Thank you and have a nice day :)

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You can use PsiViewer to find out about underlying PSI Structure and then use provided PSI's method to obtain such information,



If you plan on supporting not only Kotlin, consider using UAST instead of targeting Kotlin PSI only


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Yann Cebron Thank for your helpful answers!

I have installed IDEA Plugin: PsiViewer to find out about current selected file. But I have no idea to view the structure of PsiFile(in java) and KtFile(in Kotlin)'s parent PsiElement structure. 

By viewing the structure of PsiFile's parent structure. I will be able to searching a class by given qualified name. How can I view the structure of a PsiFile' parent and PsiFile's parent's parent recursively?

Thank for your reading and answers. Have a nice day :)

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Not sure I understand your question, if you want to locate a class by FQN use com.intellij.psi.JavaPsiFacade#findClass and specify resolve scope

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Thank you Yann Cebron. Your answer is helpful for me. I use com.intellij.psi.JavaPsiFacade#findClass and it work for me.


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