Not seeing how to show all unmerged commits


In SourceTree, there's a view panel that shows all branches and commits, starting from the latest one, top-down, even unmerged commits, and a line to click on to see working copy changes, and a line to click on to see each stash as well. PHPStorm's Git Log tab only shows commits starting from the branch that you double-click on going back, but nothing outside or ahead of that... it makes it difficult to see what's left hanging or what needs to be merged to where. I can of course do this all through command-line, but it's a lot more work, and I've noticed that devs can easily lose track of unmerged work.

Is there something in PHPStorm like SourceTree has? I just want a bird's-eye view of ALL branches and commits starting from the latest down... it seems there's no overview like that outside of commits within the branch that I've double-clicked on (regardless of what's checked out of course).

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Hello Vadiru

When you double-click on a branch it sets a in the log to that branch.
You can set "Branch" Filter to "All" and it will provide you with a bird's-eye view of all branches and commits.

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Thank you! I missed the Branch: All thing.



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