problem of vim in pycharm terminal

I am using pycharm professional 2021.1.1 and I found when I open a document with vim in pycharm terminal, it looks like this. Those white lines are very ugly and distracting. I was wondering is there any way to remove those? Thank you for the help!


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Hi, what flavor of vim are you using? Is the issue reproduced with vanilla vim?

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I think this is the same as the problem I have. Please tell me if it isn't to create a separate post.

I'm using vanilla vim with this vimrc ( I have the gruvbox colorscheme with a black background.

Here's how it should look, how it looks in the windows Terminal:

And here's how it looks on the PyCharm terminal:


I can reproduce the problem described in this post by changing to a different colorscheme. For example, with peaksea.

In the windows terminal:

In PyCharm's terminal:

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I submitted a bug report for this:

Please follow for updates.


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