Problem: "Required plugins have not been loaded"

"Plugin 'PythonCore' required for 'Course Python русский' project isn't installed." and "Failed to launch checking. For more information, seeTroubleshooting JetBrains Academy/Stepik connectivity issues."
I click on the download plugins button, an empty window appears.
In Community Edition everything works. The problem is in the professional version. Both versions are installed on the same hard drive. Already reinstalled pycharm professional did not help. Everything is allowed in the firewall. In the settings, when checking the connection to the site, it says that everything is in order.

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Official comment

Hi, thank you for reporting this!

Could you please archive the affected project directory and submit it to this ticket on YouTrack?

Thanks in advance!

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Everything worked today. Despite the fact that this error continues to be displayed in the log. I submitted a file with a zipped problematic project.

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Thank you for providing the project archive. Our developers will take a closer look and update the issue status.

I would also advise adding this issue to your watch list to be 100% sure that you won't miss any updates.


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