Challenges with packaging adaptations to the Markdown plugin


IJ 2021.2CE

I've cloned the IJ CE source in order to apply some changes to the markdown plugin. The raw clone builds and so does the plugin via Build Project and Build Module respectively.

However, I'm unclear on how to prepare a new standalone zip of my plugin for sharing with other users. There's plenty of advice on how to start a new plugin ( and explanation on why we should use gradle ( but nothing I can find tells me how to prepare a release of just markdown functionality. My IJ also does not present the option shown in to "Prepare Plugin Module .. for Deployment".

Can anybody provide some helpful hints?

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The plugins bundled in IntelliJ Community sources are not mean to be built and deployed standalone.

You could try and "wrap" Gradle setup around existing Markdown plugin (possibly c/p its sources to separate standalone project).

Alternatively, build the whole IJ Community distribution from sources and then "extract" the resulting Markdown plugin from the output.

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Okay, thanks for clarifying.


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