CLion 2021.2: Remote project: Local GIT Checkout for browsing & editing, REMOTE GIT checkout for building - possible ? how ?

I am evaluating CLion for use on my company's large old RHEL6 code base .

What we'd like to achieve is each developer having a local GIT checkout ,
which they can use for Editing / Browsing, and a Remote GIT checkout
directory, where they build / debug using SSH from their local host.

But it does not appear to be immediately / easily possible with CLion.

I created a "Remote Toolchain" for the project OK, but then CLion
starts Uploading the local GIT to /tmp/tmp.XXXXX on the remote host.

This is not what I want - I'd like to be able to specify a GIT directory
checkout localtion on the Remote Host, and instead of Uploading,
CLion should check that the two GITs are at the same commit HEAD
checking out if not.

Please, is this possible with CLion ?

It does not appear to be from what I can see in the dialogs and on :

Or could I somehow tell CLion to use my own GIT sync script ,
that creates a link to /tmp/tmp.XXXXXX to the remote GIT directory ?

Our GIT repository checkout is over 4GB in size, bloated with loads of binaries
and tar files that I am slowly working to remove.

When built, with 4 versions of 4 server installs, the repository checkout
directory is about 16GB in size.

It is not feasible to upload the project directory for each build; we do not
want to upload / download any files with FTP / file transfer.

We want to use GIT to sync the local and remote checkouts, and build / debug
only on the remote . The remote build server does not have a graphical desktop
capability and cannot run CLion itself.

Please could anyone tell me: is this scenario possible with CLion?
Any tips how to get something like the above working, please ?


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