Center panel of "Resolve Conflicts" window is also locked?


I have Intellij 2021.2.1 and am having trouble using the "Resolve Conflicts" merge window with a simple Git merge.


The instruction page here:  contains the following text:   

IntelliJ IDEA provides a tool for resolving conflicts locally. This tool consists of three panes:

  • The left pane shows the read-only local copy

  • The right pane shows the read-only version checked in to the repository.

  • The central pane is a fully-functional editor where the results of resolving conflicts are displayed. Initially, the contents of this pane are the same as the base revision of the file, that is, the revision from which both conflicting versions are derived.


However, in my  Resolve Conflicts window ALL THREE PANES are locked, displaying the little "padlock" icon at the top left, and I do not get the >> and << symbols for merging text.  Naturally, it is impossible to do any kind of merge in this situation.

Is this a permission issue or what?    All files are local, so network issues are not a factor.

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Hello Tom Williamson 
it would be helpful if you could share a screenshot of an issue. By the way  - are you able to edit this file in a regular editor?
Also you can submit a support request and attach logs to your ticket.


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