Incorrect indentation in files

Why is one file indented 1 space and another file with 2 spaces? I have 2 spaces in the settings. This is very annoying :( Please tell me how to fix this? Thanks.


I have uploaded a demo video, but I don’t understand how to insert it here. Here's what it showed me after loading:

Upload id: 2021_09_17_GyF4YQ2sF3nC88RL (file:


Very strange indeed. Are these both files new empty files located in the same project? Are they in the same folder? Also, what is a result of Code | Reformat Code for both files?


Yes, both files are new and both have a .js extension.

I can't check "Code | Reformat" now, the problem sometimes disappears by itself. It is not repeated now.


Well, here it is again. After executing the Reformat Code command, the formatting becomes normal. What can I do to fix this problem?


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