How to all the default methods in JDK/JRE API interfaces using Structured Quary Language


I have come across the need to find all the default methods in JDK, I also understand Structured Query Language is the best to way to get there i.e. structural search..

if knows the syntax, pl. do share..


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Intellij should consider building the structural search query visually with UI i.e. asking for access, method or class or interface, with return parameter type and with method parameter types etc.

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Under the tool button in the upper right of the Structural Search dialog, select the Existing Templates action. In the dialog that appears select the Constructors & methods template and click OK. You can now edit this template in the Structural Search dialog. Add a default modifier. Now search in your desired scope.

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Thank You Petr.

interface $Interface$ {
default $ReturnType$ $Method$ ($ParameterType$ $Parameter$);

As per this search in project and libraries scope in JDK 17 I do see 366 places for one parameter methods. 

For all 0 to infinity parameters use this 

and the count of such match in JDK 17 is 817

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Is it possible to say this match should happen only in java.* package part of this structural search (want to eliminate all com.sun packages from the results.


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