Adventures with git rebase.


I have little experience with git and to update the boilerplate, that my code is built upon, I went through the following commands:

First of all, I want to state that I think it is a horrible idea to throw Vim at someone, unless the user specified somewhere, that she prefers Vim dialogs for git operations.

But I was able to execute the rebase command, and now I'm left with a bunch of merge conflicts.

My question is, how do I resolve them?
I remember a dialog, that Webstorm gave me in the past, where I was able to see all the diffs...

... while writing this, I tried typing conflict in search for actions and was led to the dialog I was looking for.

So my question is answered, but I want to suggest opening this dialog automatically. 


I have now resolved all the conflics in the dialog.

Having never done this before, I was confused that I was in a detached head. I just assumed this was because I'm in the middle of a rebase.

Then I entered git rebase --continue and was surprised, that I'm hit with more unresolved things.
I had to resolve the package json files... fine. But after the next --continue it seemed as though it was working, but then I was inside thrown into vim and asked to commit with a message. I wrote something and entered :wq! and now there are more conflicts.

I took a look at my history:

the commit marked in the screenshot is the last commit. I did it right before I started the whole operation. The commits above are older.

I have no explanation for that.

Perhaps someone does?


I right clicked on the marked commit and click on "reset current branch to here", checked hard.

But I'm still in a detached head. Why?

This is not the first time this has happened.

A week ago I did the same thing and instead of having the branch at the commit I clicked reset on, I was inside the commit right before. And still detached.


Rebase is one of two Git utilities that specializes in integrating changes from one branch onto another. The other change integration utility is git merge .


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Hello Johannes1 Hoerteis
Is there a chance that you still see conflicts (check "Resolve" link under Local changes)?
Is there "abort rebase" button in right lower corner in branches popup?


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