Generate Intermediate files with MSVC on Windows



I have been trying to resolve this issue for hours and I have been looking at various sources with no luck.

I have a Cmake project that includes various libraries. The project uses custom macros and templates to define its own concepts and I need to debug certain macros. For this I need to see the intermediate files generated after the file has been preprocessed.

I am using the MSVC compiler which has the /P option that should generate these files.

I added this option in the build options and after the build is completed, no files are generated in the project folder.


I tried various other methods like using CL (which is a hassle because I would somehow have to link all the libraries to it) and make (Which has not worked on its own).

Any help would be appreciated. 


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/P is a compiler option, so I assume you need to pass it as a compiler option:


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