how to get the size in bytes for the current opened file and the runtime version?



Thanks for the Plugin SDK, it was really helpful. I have couple of questions where I couldn't find any documentation for it.

1. I need to get the size of the currently opened file. Is there a way that I can fetch using the path or there is any specific syntax using plugin sdk.

2. Using plugin sdk, is there a way to find the runtime version of the currently opened file?

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1) from VirtualFile: see com.intellij.ide.projectView.impl.ProjectViewRenderer#appendInplaceComments

2) not sure what you mean with "runtime version" - SDK for project can be obtained as shown here or for Module

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Thanks for getting back,

I didn't quiet get the first one.

Can you please help me in getting the size of document using intellij sdk.


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It is functionality located in IntelliJ Community sources



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