CLion debugging .exe that are ran using wine


I'm attempting to use the debugger on a windows .exe game which I'm creating, I'm running using wine to run the .exe and then attaching a remote debugger. However, I can't get any of the breakpoints to hit, the only thing that does appear is the disassembly, which I can step through I believe is occurring because of:

"Disassembly view opens automatically when CLion can't locate the source files during debugging. This can happen, for example, when you debug a custom executable using a fake CMake project or when there is a library built on CI without the source code being in the project."

Rough guess is CLion thinks I'm trying to debug wine...? Which somewhat makes sense as in the run/debug configuration I've set the executable to wine (/usr/bin/wine) and added the .exe file as a program argument to get the .exe to run. But I'm unsure how to actually get the debugging to work in this scenario. Or whether it's even possible, thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

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I think, the Attach to process feature might be useful in your scenario, but it's not yet supported for remote processes - 


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