How do i run cargo watch using the Rust plugin

I am trying to setup a cargo run configuration. I have it setup like this:

Name: Watch [ ] Allow Parallel run [ ] Store as project file


watch -x 'run --bin ookma_kyi'

[X]Implicitly add required features if needed

[ ] Use all features in tests

[ ] Run with administrator privilages

Enviroment Variables:


Working Directory:


[ ] Redirect input from:


Backtrace: Short

Before Launch:

* Build

When I run the configuration i get:

E:/cargo/bin/cargo.exe watch -x 'run --bin ookma_kyi'
error: Found argument '--bin' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

cargo watch [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

For more information try --help

Process finished with exit code 1

According to the official site this is actually correct:

cargo watch -x 'run --bin app'

Source: Link

Any ideas?


Hi, just execute

watch -x  'run'

[  ] Implicitly add required features if needed
[X] Emulate terminal in output console



I just stumbled upon this, so in case anyone needs it, it should work if you add double quotes:

cargo watch -x "run --bin app"

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