Blinking Method Names when Multiline Parameter List Extends Beyond Bottom of Screen

When the parameter list for a function/method is multiline and the parameters extend beyond the bottom of the screen. 

So for example,  if the code is something like:

$variable = $this->class_property->with_a_method_that_has_a_really_long_name(

but any of those parameters are not visible,

Absolutely infuriating when you are trying to concentrate on some code above it.

"hey! hey! look at me! look at me!"

"no i'm trying to concentrate on this other code right now!

"but I'm BLINKY CODE!!! You can't NOT look at BLINKY CODE!!!"


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Cannot reproduce that:
Maybe you can capture a similar screencast that would show the issue?
Also, check how it goes after you disable all downloaded plugins (Settings/Preferences | Plugins | Installed | [Gear icon] | Disable All Downloaded Plugins) and restart.


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