[Intellij IDEA Plugin Development] What's correct way to mark a PsiElement?


Hello! I'm writing a codegen IDEA Plugin.

I have no idea how to put a custom data into a PsiElement.

By putting custom data into PsiElement, I can know that which PsiFile is generated by my written plugin.

I have try to use UserDataHolder.putUserData and UserDataHolder.getUserData but seemingly it did't works.

What's correct way to mark a PsiElement? Thank you! :)



my code that writing user data into a KtFile:

val ktFile = generateKtFile(sourceKtFile)
ktFile.putUserData(markGeneratedKey, "Generated By IDEA Plugin")
(ktFile.parent as PsiDirectory).add(ktFile)


my code that reading user data into KtFile:

private fun checkGeneratedFileIfExistInDirectory(psiDirectory: PsiDirectory, fileName: String): Boolean {
psiDirectory.children.filterIsInstance<PsiFile>().forEach loop@{ psiFile ->
if (psiFile.name != fileName) {
val data = psiFile.getUserData(Constants.markGeneratedKey)
if (data == "Generated By IDEA Plugin") {
return true
return false


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The most reliable way is to store this information right in the generated sources, e.g. as file-level comment.

Another way is to store this information in persisted settings which are stored in separate file with project itself. But this requires sharing config file in VCS.

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Yann Cebron Thank you for your helpful answer! Maybe I have a wrong understanding on UserData. I will try to store something useful by file-level comment,


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