Moving Curse

I would like to move the curser to the beginning of the text of a line instead of all the way to the gutter.

For example in the code below <H> represents where the curser is after writing a line. <M> represents where I would like it go. <G> represents where it goes after pressing the [HOME] key. Is there a way to make it just go to the beginning of the line where the text begins?

01        if ($this->hasVoted) {
02 try {
03G M$this->idea->removeVote(auth()->user());H
05 }
06 $this->votesCount--;
07 $this->hasVoted = false;
08 } else {
09 $this->idea->vote(auth()->user());
10 $this->votesCount++;
11 $this->hasVoted = true;
12 }
13 }

Hi there,

Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Smart Keys | Home moves caret to first non-whitespace character

Enable the above option -- should do what you want.


@Andriy Bazanov,

This works perfectly. Thank you for the assistance. Hope you have a fantastic day!


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